Customer complaints
We take it seriously

We take customer complaints very seriously. They help us to identify what doesn’t work as well as it should and give us the opportunity to make improvements.

Our policy
Handelsbanken’s customer complaints policy applies throughout the Group. Our policy states that all complaints must be dealt with correctly, carefully and as efficiently as possible.

The branch will take care of you
If you have a complaint, please contact your branch office first and present your view.
Send a message to your Swedish branch

If you have a complaint or view on something that has occurred outside Sweden, contact the branch where it took place.
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If you are not satisfied with the branch's decision
This is how you proceed:

If you want the branch's decision to be reappraised
The case will first be assessed by the management of the regional bank to which the branch belongs. The branch office or the switchboard at Handelsbanken's head office (+46 8 701 10 00) will tell you which regional bank management you should contact.

If you are not satisfied with the regional bank management's response
In such case, contact the Bank's complaints officers, Eva Rångevall and Malin Dahl:
Send a message

106 70 Stockholm, Sweden

Dissatisfied with the Bank's decision?
If you are not satisfied with the Bank's decision, you may wish to contact the Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints, or a court of law to request that the case be tried again.

If you want to discuss your case with an independent party, contact Konsumenternas Bank- och Finansbyrå (Swedish Consumers’ Banking and Finance Bureau), or for insurance matters, contact Konsumenternas försäkringsbyrå (The Swedish Consumers’ Insurance Bureau), or the consumers affairs officer in your municipality.

Information about agreements that you have entered into as a consumer with the Bank via Online Banking or the mobile app
If you have entered into an agreement with the Bank via Online Banking or the mobile app, and a dispute has occurred that you are unable to resolve with the Bank, you can use the EU’s
online dispute resolution platform (new window)

Even if you file your report via the online platform, the matter will be sent to ARN for consideration. You will find more information about online dispute resolution at:
Konsument Europa (new window)


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